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Rock Climbing Indoors

The modern climber CRM to manage all aspects of your gym with a fully open and supported API made by climbers for climbers. 

One easy platform to manage and engage with your customers at scale.

Unlimited seats for the entire team included

Your entire team can access Capitan whenever and wherever they need it - whether that's checking customers in at the front desk, administering a belay test on the floor or running reports at home.

Continuously updated and evolving platform

Capitan is built by a team of tech experts constantly focused on continuosluy improving the platform based on user feedback and adopting best practices from other industries.

Document Management

Create as many documents as you need to capture all the information pertinent to your customers.  Quiz style questions show additional understanding from your participants and are in line with ABC recommendations. 

Events, Classes & Youth Programming

Over 150,000 events have been seamlessly booked through Capitan.  Flexible scheduling and pricing options including deposits enable you to organize your events how you want.  Plus, blackout dates ensure you never forget to cancel a recurring event when your gym in closed.

Check-in & Check-out

Customers can check into your facility via a dedicated check-in device connected to a scanner.  Capitan only lets customers enter into your facility that have an active waiver and an entry method.  If one is missing, your configured alert will sound along with an alert on the screen so your staff can intervene.


Collect the information you need to make informed business decisions and filter data down to better understand the numbers behind your business.  Capitan makes it easy to bulk export reports to upload into another BI tool as well for more advanced reporting needs.


API & Other Intregrations

Capitan has everything you need to run a modern climbing gym, including pre-built integrations with the most popular 3rd-party tools. But if you need more, our robust, open API makes it easy for any developer to combine Capitan with any service. If you can imagine it, you can build it on the Capitan platform.

Recurring & Prepaid Memberships

Memberships can be customized to fit your gyms needs and rules.  Student memberships that require staff verification. Guest passes for new customers only.  Discounted memberships for new customers only.  All of it's possible with Capitan

Birthday & Private Event Management

When a customer books a private event at your gym, they will receive a unique invite link to share with their guests.  This means birthday parties, school groups and corporate events just got easier to plan for your staff and for your customers.

PIN Tracking & Activity Log

Ensure staff on shared computers have the appropriate permissions and track their activity.  When Capitan is in PIN mode, a staff member must enter their PIN in order to make any changes.  Entering a PIN ensures the staff member has the appropriate permissions and creates a log of the Activity tied to the staff member that completed that action.

Accounting Integrations

Integrate with Xero or Quickbooks.  Make your accountant happy.  

Revenue account codes can be synced by category or by individual product for more granularity.  Capitan sends a daily invoice automatically to your accounting software to keep your books up to date.

Entry Passes

You can create your standard day pass or punchpass options in Capitan.  Entry passes come with a lot of other options as well.  For example, they can be shared between customers if your gym allows it.  

Climber App

The Climber App gives customers the ability to control their own accounts based on the rules your gym has set.  Parents can easily buy and manage memberships for their children.  Members can freeze their membership automatically without staff getting involved.  Customers can cancel bookings before the cancellation window closes.


Create as many proficiencies as your gym requires with no arbitrary limits.  Top Rope. Lead Belay. Vaccinated. Juggler. Fluent in Latin.  The sky is the limit.  For each proficiency, create a unique icon which will display on the check-in screen, customer’s profile and event registrant list.

Point-of-Sale Integrations

Intregrate seamlessly with the leading POS systems to modernize how you run retail and mange inventory.


“Using a proper POS, instead of a half baked system built into our CRM had revolutionized how we handle retail” - Clive F, The Castle Climbing Centre

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