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Climbing Wall

The first climbing software built to support both US and UK facilities.

The US and UK are more than just “two nations separated by a common language” when it comes to owning and operating a climbing centre. 

We've worked with owners, managers, staff and climbers across the US and UK to ensure Capitan is flexible and powerful to manage the specific needs of a your US based climbing gym or UK climbing centre.
Use the payment processor of your choice

With Capitan you aren't locked into limited choices for payment processors.  While we have integrations with Stripe and Gravity Payments, you can any payment processor that works best for your business.

US based team and support

We have a US-based team ready to help you get started with Capitan and answer any questions you have. 

Coming soon...
Birthday party management

Managing birthday party reservations will be as fun as attending one.  Let the party organizer control the guest list, manage waivers and make check-in a breeze.

US Gyms
Comply with the ABC's Recommendations

Completely customize your Acknowledgement of Risk documents to collect all the information recommended by the Association of British Climbing Walls to ensure compliance.

Let customers pay via direct debit

Your customers want to pay via direct debit in pounds, and now they can when you sell memberships via Capitan.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Capitan already integrates with Xero and you can use the API to integrate with any other tools you use to run your business.

UK based team and support

We have a UK-based team ready to help you get started with Capitan and answer any questions you have. 

UK Centres
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