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Rock Climbing Indoors

Investing in quality software helps you grow your business.

Capitan pricing fits your business.

With Capitan you get more than just a climbing specific CRM. The Capitan platform delivers powerful tools needed to manage your climbing facility -- a wide range of flexibility and customization options, rapid new releases to keep up with the evoloving industry needs, comprehensive API, and world-class support.

Capitan pricing is customized for you, based on factors such as the size of your gym and the scale of your offerings. Pricing is designed to fit facilities large and small. Capitan's team works directly with you to ensure the ideal pricing structure for your business.

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"Capitan's team is fantastic. Fast to respond, open to feedback, always updating the software to a modern gym's requirements. And they will call you back! Flexible pricing is perfect for every size gym and the open API gives us the power to integrate with other software we already use."

- Chris Moyle 

General Manager

Goat Climbing Gym, New Jersey, US

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"Having been frustrated by the lack of a modern, forward-looking CRM option for our climbing centre, we were hugely excited to find Capitan. We're loving working with such an open and proactive team who are absolutely focused on solving problems for climbing centres."

- Freddie Naish

Founder & Managing Director

The Project Climbing Centre, Poole, UK

Capitan customers love to...

Stay current and push boundaries

Our customers are entrepreneurial, from opening new facilities to launching new programs.  Capitan's platform provides you with the modern tools you need to hit your high growth goals to scale your business.

Have fun, duh🤘

Our customers take work seriously, but we're all just climbers after all... The words "rad", "stoked" and "sick" will still work their way into calls and emails.

Engage with their climbing community

Capitan's platform makes it easy to engage, communicate and support your customers at scale.  No one entered the climbing industry because they wanted to waste hours behind a computer on data entry.  Capitan gets you out from behind the desk and onto the floor where you can interact with your customers. 

Constantly push Capitan to be better

We're technology experts, but our customers are the leaders in the climbing industry.  They provide us with feedback we use to refine the platform to help move the industry forward.

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